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Rising Music Producer to Watch: London Elixir

Rising Music Producer to Watch: London Elixir

We love to be the first to proclaim success in store for up and coming talent. Believe us when we say London Elixir is UP NEXT! London is a rising music producer from Columbus, Ohio currently based in Atlanta. Influenced by the likes of Calvin Harris, Timbaland and Bruno Mars, London seeks to create music that allows her listeners to boost their mood when they hear it. London Elixir has a background in piano and engineering which contributes to her flawless production style. She often posts live beat creation videos on her Instagram page and has worked with various clients across a variety of genres including pop, r&b, hip hop, trap and more. If you’re an artist looking for production, you may want to start working with London Elixir now before she blows up. Visit her beat store here: https://airbit.com/widgets/html5?uid=116208&config=204083

In addition to producing music for her clients, London Elixir is hitting the music scene hard with her new EP, “Listen to M3”! London fully produced this entire project, including hand selecting the artists she felt would be able to bring her vision to life for each song. It’s evident that London Elixir is a producer who does what she wants to do and doesn’t give a FUNK about what other people think. She impeccably blends musical genres to create this masterpiece that is her own sound and it feels great!

“Listen to M3” is full of fun and funk – it’s sure to make you want to get up and dance. IDGAFunk (pronounced “I don’t give a funk”) starts the project off with confidence featuring 3 amazing artists. It’s followed perfectly by the second track, Watchu Wanna Do, which continues the funky, good time. Dalicia La Fleur is the lead vocal on this track and does a great job of capturing the mood for the EP! The project wraps up with a final track entitled, Best Day Ever. There’s no way you can have a bad day after listening to Mzee’s soulful singing and Matt Jay’s charismatic rap style as they tag team this fantastically produced record. London definitely knows how to pick ’em.

In a world with so much negativity, it’s refreshing to listen to London Elixir’s music. Her positive personality shines through her incredible production and we can’t wait to hear more! The EP is available on all streaming platforms so be sure to check it out. Also, be sure to follow London Elixir on instagram @LondonElixirLX to witness her rise to the top !

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