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Rick Fouche – Gorilla

Rick Fouche – Gorilla

Rick Fouche releases video for “Gorilla”

A modern day renaissance man, New Jersey based Hip Hop artist Rick Fouche is one of those rare people who actually deserves the title of “artist”. A self-taught pioneer of countless creative mediums, you would be hard pressed to find an aspect of Rick Fouche’s brand that he hasn’t personally handled himself. This artistry is fully on display with the self-release of his self-produced/engineered EP “Art of Counterfeiting”, as well as with the accompanying video for its lead single “Gorilla” which he conceptualized, directed and edited all himself. In an age of ghost writer controversies and YouTube celebrities, Rick Fouche is a refreshing and much needed shot of life for not only the Hip Hop genre, but for music as a whole.


His EP is now available for free download: https://soundcloud.com/rickfouche

Twitter: rickfouche
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFreshChe

New Jersey