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RibbedTee – Best Undershirts Ever

RibbedTee – Best Undershirts Ever

RibbedTee was Founded in April 2008, and with the slogan “Best Undershirts Ever” You Gotta Asked, Why RibbedTee Undershirts are the BEST Undershirts EVER? Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why:

  • Undershirts You WANT To Wear.
  • They won’t lose their shape–perfect fit lasts wash after wash!
  • Our no-sag collars lay flat and stay in place!
  • Our Streamlined fit ensures no bunching around your waistline or arms!
  • Longer design on all styles keeps undershirts tucked in!
  • All undershirts are made with TagFree™ care labels for your comfort!
  • Also Check The Video To See What All The Talk Is About.

Life is filled with “step-up” moments. Those times when you stop living cheap and just treat yourself the way you deserve. Like the first time you really spoil yourself on a great suit or a pair of pants, or the first time you drive a luxury car and you swear that you are never going back. This is one of those moments.

For most of us undershirts are an afterthought. When it comes to undershirts we think almost entirely of function and frugality. We get the cheap 3 for $10 pack and beat it out of the store as quickly as possible. We don’t love our undershirts, but we use them because we need to. Well gentlemen, its time to treat ourselves. I just found the greatest undershirts known to man. Admittedly, at first I was skeptical “Why so much for a t-shirt?” I thought. Sure I didn’t love my Hanes, I didn’t even really like them, but they were good enough to get me buy and so cheap that I could always just buy more. But, this is exactly the problem. I usually always have to buy more, because they just aren’t made to last.

RibbedTee flipped this around for me. A couple of months ago I didn’t even know that this was even a thing, but Ribbed Tee has in a very real way perfected the undershirt. The shirt is designed so that the micro ribs for which it is named spread and adjust to conform to your body shape. This gives the shirt a well-fitted comfortable feel without being overly tight. It stays tucked in all day so I never have that awkward bulge under my button up that makes me look as if I just finished Thanksgiving dinner.

The shirts seems to last a really long time as well! After reading the posts of people who bought their Ribbed Tees long before I did, it seems like everyone’s tees have lasted forever with no complaints. I love my ribbed tee undershirt and I think you will, too! I’ve learned that it’s worth it to invest in quality because overtime it will save you money when you no longer have to replace your undershirts so frequently. Plus, they just feel SO much better!

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