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Rap Artist is Using His Music Platform to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Rap Artist is Using His Music Platform to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Traphouse Trav, better known by some as Travis Gayle, has been trying to change the landscape of anything he’s been a part of, for the better. Although he spends most of his days driving product features for a tech company, he considers making music his outlet for expression. Travis believes that challenges have been hurting especially in the hip hop/rap and Black communities. While some artists have used music to express themselves, Travis thinks more can be done in this space to promote positivity AND mental health awareness.

The single, “Balcony Blues”, released on 09.15.2022, briefly speaks on Travis’ experiences over the last couple of years, battling and trying to deal with his own mental health issues. While the beat of the song is good, it’s the lyrics–especially at the end, including the brief interlude, that makes for a feel-good closing to a journey. In order to promote awareness beyond the song, Gayle created an online store immediately after work one day to sell merchandise in the form of a pillow. He felt that sometimes people want something to hold onto or remind them that resources are out there to support them. On one side is the cover art by itself, developed by Traphouse and his friend, Stephen Ajetomobi. On the other side is a list of mental health and wellness-related organizations and resources for those that may need support or even a reminder. The store can be found here: https://the-travhouse.myshopify.com/

Travis believes that he has the ability to change lives and make an impact in ways he thinks he best knows how. Using his creativity and continuing to amplify voices through his voice and gifts, he just might be onto something.

Feel free to follow Traphouse Trav on Spotify, Apple Music, and Instagram. Be sure to give his new track a listen and if you do a reaction clip on IG, he might even repost it. #BalconyBlues

Additional Media: https://music.apple.com/us/album/balcony-blues/1641829724?i=1641829725

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