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“Rage Anthem” Hype it Overrated?

“Rage Anthem” Hype it Overrated?

Newly buzzing rapper, “FN Laurent” has dropped his highly anticipated single, “Rage Anthem”. With all the unoriginal rap songs on the internet that sound the same, FN decided to think out of the box and create a new type of wave, which with slowly catching attention. Rage Anthem is a high energy, free spirited, well thought out piece of work. FN’s ability to incorporate catchy phrases like “I’m a rager” over an aggressive guitar beat simply just wants to make who ever is listening to it jump around. Considering the way music is somewhat at a stall in this regard (with rappers stealing flows and unoriginality) I believe FN’s single Rage Anthem could potentially unlock many doors in the future of rap and pop.

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