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Quick Sit Down With Keefe Ammons

Quick Sit Down With Keefe Ammons

We recently took the time to sit down with Chicago native and professional baseball player, Keefe Ammons.

Jen: Hey, nice to have you here. How’re you liking Atlanta?

Keefe Ammons: I hear they call it “Black Hollywood”, I love it here. Good to be here with you.

Jen: So you’re officially a professional baseball player now, how did it feel to receive that first check?

Keefe Ammons: It’s just a dream come true. & It’s not about the money at all. It’s just satisfying to finally achieve a goal you worked toward for a big part of your life.

Jen: Ok, I can definitely respect that. Now that your name is getting bigger. What’s your dating life like?

Keefe Ammons: Umm, dating life. You know as of right now, I tell everyone, my relationship status is 21 [Laughs] I’m just taking my time, focusing on my career and school at this point.

Jen: Sounds like a player mentality to me. [Laughs] I’m sure there are some people that missed out or got left behind huh?

Keefe Ammons: Well, you know that’s life in general. It’s just not possible for everyone to “come with you”. But if you missed out, you know we live in the land of second chances so it may still be a chance. [Laughs]

Jen: On a more serious note, what brings you to the Atlanta area?

Keefe Ammons: I’ve been using my platform to give back to the youth around the country. I host what I call “KamCamp”. I partner up with other pros and we offer instruction to kids around the country for the bare minimum and even free in some cases. Most of my management team is here so it’s only right that I try to get them going here.

Jen: Atlanta is big on the party scene, I’m sure you’ve been enjoying them?

Keefe Ammons: Actually I’m not too big on partying [laughs] I do like to have a good time but sometime I just don’t get around to it. I’m more into private gatherings, but there are definitely a couple of spots around town I’d like to check out. .. Long as you’re there [laughs]

[Laughs] Maybe we can work something out.
So you mentioned school, What are you studying?

Keefe Ammons: I’m a business major.

Jen: Business man, nice. I also heard you almost won MVP of a local celebrity basketball game, multi talented?

Keefe Ammons: I like to think so [laughs] I like to play my hand at a few different things. I’m involved in a lot of of different projects that you actually would never guess. But only time will tell.

Jen: Well thank you for the sit down, this was fun

Keefe Ammons: Thank you, it was a pleasure

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