Home Fresh “Pray For The World” Kicks Off Holiday Promotion

“Pray For The World” Kicks Off Holiday Promotion

“Pray For The World” Kicks Off Holiday Promotion

Pray For The World launches Cyber Week and holiday promotion

Founded by Justin Naundros, lifestyle brand Pray For The World has announced the launch of their cyber week and holiday promotion campaigns. Just in time for the holiday season, the monthly curated boxes are filled with faith-based content, Prayers, apparel, music, electronics and more starting as low as $44.99 for five items per month!

With each subscription, subscribers will be able to nominate ten students and ten teachers for $5000 grants. Subscribing for a year upfront you can nominate a student and teacher for the Semester Package which includes a full year of the box free, a grant, and keys to a new car.

For more information on Prayer For The World, or to order your box, please visit www.pftwbox.com


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