Home Interviews (New Exclusive Interview) Pop Singer Sir Lance V Talks Music And His New Song |

(New Exclusive Interview) Pop Singer Sir Lance V Talks Music And His New Song |

(New Exclusive Interview) Pop Singer Sir Lance V Talks Music And His New Song |

(New Exclusive Interview) Pop Singer Sir Lance V Talks Music And New Song

1.Who is Sir Lance V and what is his principle’s?

Sir Lance V is a African American man from the south side of Chicago who grew up with a heavy influence of family, brotherhood, music, dancing, education and sports.  My principle’s are: Be a leader not a follower (father taught me that). Take care of what you have as if it is your last, because you might not get another (Momma taught me that).  Live and enjoy today as if it is your last.  Regardless of your situation in life on earth you are living what is somebody else’s dream.  Be grateful for what you have, cause things could be worse.  Be humble, be grateful, work hard, don’t be lazy, no excuses, be helpful, never give up, be respectful, be considerate, protect yourself from harm, fear GOD.

2. What made you want to do music and what would you have done if you did not have music?

What made me do music is that it comes so effortlessly to me and I get the most joy in regards to making my body do something in a work form and lastly most importantly people say I’m pretty good at it.   If I didn’t have music I would do something else in entertainment like acting, hosting, sport commentator and lastly coaching sports.

3. Breakdown your recording process and how often do you write songs?

My recording process consist of great rest of body and voice the night before, doing some push ups right before singing to warm up my entire body, drink warm tea (no lemon or peppermint),  prayer and praise to the Father up above being grateful for seeing this day and opportunity and strength for a great performance.   I write the concepts of a song down as soon as they come to me at the time, so I don’t  forget them.  I only write songs once they have their matching partner which is the missing music/track.  These two have to be in harmony with each other so that the marriage will last forever.

4. Where were you at when you came up with “Bounce” and how long did it take you to record that record?

I was at the studio with the producers Blaq Tuxedo as they already had the song made for me.  I just needed to change some words to fit my personality.  We had eight hours of studio time set aside to record this record but I finished recording all my vocals to”Bounce” in less than 3 hours.

5. Why should we listen to “Bounce” and what does it bring different to the marketplace?

You should listen to “Bounce ” if you love music that makes you feel happy about yourself and life and if you love music that make’s you want to dance!  This record has the right sound for the club/party scene yet with its unique signature sound it could be something special and fit very well in the marketplace.

6. Do you plan on touring in the future and when is the album coming?

I absolutely plan on touring in near future domestically and internationally, all predicated on the success of this song with other songs to follow.  The album will come shortly after the success of a couple of singles solidifying my music by the fans that they want more.


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