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Plus Size Blogger Belle Meets Glam Very Own Natasha 5 Questions

Plus Size Blogger Belle Meets Glam Very Own Natasha 5 Questions

1. Being in the fashion industry, you’ve been quite successful as a Fashion blogger — you have 100k + Twitter & Instagram followers and a blog that has acquired the attention of some of the world’s most largest magazines. What do you think it is about you and your style that attracts people?

I personally think its because I provide some type of inspiration I am who I am, I don’t let society say what I should wear and what I shouldn’t I wear whatever if it be stripes flattering, white after labor day “See it I want it” LOL but seriously You have to take chances I’m relatable I’m a full figured woman and I don’t let that define how I dress, I dress my curves well! I think a lot of people can relate and think wow if she can rock that so can I it’s all about having great confidence and being comfortable within yourself.

2. The plus size industry is evolving more and more and becoming more recognized, what are some aspects your loving?

I love that the industry is trying to bring women together as they should because the reality is that women come in all shapes and sizes, I really give my props to all the fellow curvy and plus size models and fashion bloggers who has challenged society they are why we are where we are today!

3. What’s the most common misconception about plus size women?

I feel that it’s “ Plus/Fat girls don’t keep their selves fixed up or care about their appearance when in reality That’s the furthest from the truth Im a well put together plus size woman and I know plenty who keep their selves put together well, as well as love and live for fashion and beauty.

4. What advice would you give ladies wanting to enter the industry and or become a blogger?

Honestly DO IT be very consistent with it follow your dreams don’t let anyone tell you what you cant do set goals for yourself and achieve them!, If you actually want to make some money in this industry invest in an awesome camera you can start out getting family and friends to take your photos, If you cant get a photographer, My sister takes more than half of my photos. I started off with my phone and a not so great camera, But quickly figured this out.

5. What makes your blog different what sets you aside from the rest?

I’m myself My blog is a diary something that I use to inspire and encourage other women, help them create their own image and not allow society to put them down.

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