Home Lifestyle From Paris With Love To New York City, Actress Thais Kirby

From Paris With Love To New York City, Actress Thais Kirby

From Paris With Love To New York City, Actress Thais Kirby


Thaïs Kirby is an amazingly talented actress whose passion for acting in as incredibly strong. Originally from Paris, France, Thaïs is currently living in New York City pursuing her acting career. When she was very young, she became interested in music, following in her mother’s footsteps. As she learned more about music and performing at her conservatory school, she decided to try out acting as well. That is where Thaïs truly fell in love.
Thaïs decided to pursue a career in acting. She starting studying acting at several acting school in Paris and after moving to New York, she attended the Two Year Conservatory Program at The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. Since then she has been on the stage, on the big screen, and on the TV. She has had leading roles on stage such as playing the lead of Yelena in Uncle Vanya, directed by Harry Barandes. She was also the lead in both Little Miss Fresno, a one-act play, and Tea at The Funeral, a Commedia Dell’Arte performance directed by Matthew Gregory. Thaïs had leading roles in short films such as Lullaby, and What is Money? In France, she appeared in the long feature film Le Baltringue and also appeared in both TV series Coeur Ocean and Mes Amis, Mes Amours, Mes Emmerdes.
Thaïs’s hard work does not end there. She has also just finished shooting Aruma, a short film directed by Stephanie Bollag. Thaïs has an upcoming project that she will working on in San Francisco with director Sebastian Sdaigui. She looks forward to working on that short film and to tackle any new challenges that come her way. Thaïs not only acts, she writes as well! She is working on a play that she began writing a year ago; she hopes to finish it soon and start working on its production. This wouldn’t be her first time producing a work either. She and fellow actress, Mathilde Dehave, produced a play in New York a few months ago. Clearly, Thaïs’s talents are large in number and impressive in quality; she is an astounding actress.