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Why Outdoor Music Events And Summer Go Together So Well

Why Outdoor Music Events And Summer Go Together So Well

Already halfway through the summer, this year has already been a vintage year for outdoor music events. With warm, dry weather keeping conditions pleasant and a better line-up than ever of outdoor music events, we’re asking why summer and outdoor music go together so well?

For hundreds of years we’ve enjoyed the arts in the great outdoors – whether outdoor theatre at Shakespeare’s Globe or musicians playing in the Victorian bandstands which litter our parks. Perhaps because of the tendency of the British weather to be unpredictable, we Brits are often keen to make the most of it when it’s good by doing everything outside.


Dining al-fresco, BBQ parties and even cracking out the paddling pool are all things that could perfectly easily be done indoors, but which we choose to do outdoors because we can in the summer months!


Likewise, listening to music outdoors could simply be a rebellion against sitting inside on a nice day, allowing us to make the best of both worlds. Certainly, the acoustics of a park can’t match up to a purpose-built venue, and sitting or standing on grass is less comfortable than a nice chair – but the pleasure of being in the great outdoors makes up for it all.


Whether taking in some classical music with the Proms in the Park or attending a music festival, we all love some outdoor tuneage in the summer months – as long as it stays dry. You too can capitalise on this – if you’re planning a party or event for the summer months, think about holding it outside. You can book a classical musical guest and set up picnic blankets for guests to listen on, or make it more of a festival atmosphere with a pop act – either way invitees are sure to love it.


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