At this point, Nipsey Hussle is a certifiable hoarder of gems. The 32-year old emcee’s tenets of wisdom can be found throughout his catalog, especially concentrated in his most recent Victory Lap album. In support of the project, he’s been making his press rounds and in these interviews, his heightened sense of understanding isn’t far behind.

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In a recent stop with Ebro In the Morning over at Hot 97, Nip dropped off an interest tidbit when the conversation fell on Marvel’s Black Panther film. It’s no doubt that the cultural phenomenon has dominated conversation for weeks, and has added another layer to the topic of being Black in America and the significance of race throughout the globe.

“There are so many layers to that movie. It reminded me—and not in aesthetic, at all, but just in dynamic—it reminded me of Get Out,” he reasoned during the sit-down. He went on to reference a conversation between the primary characters of King T’Challa (portrayed by Chadwick Boseman) and Erik “Killmonger” Steven (played by Michael B. Jordan)

WARNING: This may or may no be a spoiler alert depending on how serious you are about that kind of thing.

“I remember there was a line he’s [Killmonger] saying, like, ‘I know the game of my oppressors’ […] and the other dude is like, ‘Nah, man, you took it and you’re using it against your own people.’ That’s so real. That’s what gang-banging is,” Nipsey notes.