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Nike Air Max 1 Mid’s Are On NIKEiD

Nike Air Max 1 Mid’s Are On NIKEiD

The Nike Air Max 1 Mid is slowly creeping out of the Sneakerboot range.

The shoe has also been spotted recently in FB mode, but this time around it doesn’t have either of those categorizations attached. They’re up for grabs on NIKEiD now – you already know about the Pendleton version, but did you know that you can make a more straightforward pair as well? Shown here are a couple of examples, which also take advantage of the new “gala glitter” option, which you can unfortunately only see in its rendered form here. Tell us what you think of these Air Max 1 Mids (there’s a standard AM1 with gala glitter thrown in for good measure) and build yours today with NIKEiD.

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