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Nick Pe$o – Viral

Nick Pe$o – Viral

Nick Pe$o is a diversely talented hip-hop artist from CT represented by the independent record label Clxssik Entertainment LLC. But, I’m sure everyone knows that now after this latest hit! Pe$o showcases a short but intriguing story throughout this epic music video with eye-popping and breathtaking scenes. The name of the video cannot simply just be ironic because this will definitely go VIRAL.

The best part is, this seems to only be the beginning!! At the end of the video, Pe$o teases his next upcoming project “$leepyBoy” which we personally already can’t wait to hear! Don’t think twice, trust me and just click the link because this is one you don’t want to miss!

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Instagram: nick_peso & Clxssikentertainment
Twitter: @Nick_Peso & @Clxssik
Tik Tok: Picasso321




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