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New York Artist MoneyHouse Kev: Music & Fashion

New York Artist MoneyHouse Kev: Music & Fashion

“My number one influence is emotion. I feel like nowadays artists are always trying to keep up with a trend, which causes the music to sound similar, mediocre, or non-relatable. I use what I go through and how I feel as my weapon. Sometimes it’s hard expressing yourself to people but for some reason, once I connect with a beat it’s over, whatever is on my mind is coming out. Sometimes going out for a walk or driving through the city can help me brainstorm some ideas to write about as well.”

Not only is MoneyHouse Kev versatile in the booth and music production scene, but he also has an immeasurable fondness for fashion. We can expect exclusive releases from his line MoneyHouse Clothing this winter season, and a rerelease of his popular Reflex Organism collection (a reflective tracksuit) this upcoming spring.

MoneyHouse Kev is recognized for his melodic delivery and often touches the subjects of heartbreak, betrayal, and immorality. His latest musical compositions include “Lotus”, “Chop”, and “Tap In”. Right away you notice the sense of wholeness and righteousness in his aura, which leaves his audience speculative about what’s next to come.

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Queens, New York


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