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New Music: Tae Zu – Lok & Ki

New Music: Tae Zu – Lok & Ki

The project Lok&Ki not one of them street banger type gangsta type gigs. This guy the more real hip hop type of deal. He might still be rocking that same identity of the artist, hustla you know but he go about it a different way. His rhymes real serious so its not no turn up club style mess. I listen to all that, believe that, I don’t discriminate but also like music to have different flavors you hear me? So this the type of music I like to chill with.

The man who put all this together is Tae Zu. Young black man from El Paso, Texas. You know how the culture everywhere and this man bring it to the border region. I don’t know much about the borders but I know they are some crazy streets you hear. So catch Tae Zu let him school you on a few tracks and hear what the man got to say because it worth a couple listens you know. Drop a comment if you feel a way.



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