Home Talent New Music: Jalopy Bungus – Samson | @Sir_Bungus

New Music: Jalopy Bungus – Samson | @Sir_Bungus

New Music: Jalopy Bungus – Samson | @Sir_Bungus

New Music: Jalopy Bungus – Samson

Jalopy Bungus is one of the dopiest artist to come out of Arizona. Not only is his music really good , but he stands for something and wants to see the local Arizona music scene become more popular to mainstream America.
A couple of weeks ago, Jalopy Bungus started a movement to hold one of the biggest radio station in Arizona, which is Power 98.3fm accountable for not caring about local talent and dissing the current music scene in Arizona.
Radio Julezz, who is an on air personality that has a show from 10am to 3pm Monday thru Friday. Stated the Following, And We Quote:
“Upcoming Rappers Need Us For Music, We Don’t Need You. Again, We Help Ya’ll Out With Your Music. Stay Local My G.”
This drove Jalopy Bungus to stand up for the community and fight against the machine.
Check out his latest project which is called “Samson” by clicking the link below. 



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