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New Music: Genevieve Zamora – WhoSheB

New Music: Genevieve Zamora – WhoSheB

I know that it might be a popular deal for female rappers right now but it haven’t always been that way. Years ago the women in the game didn’t have the respect they do now. So shout out to Cardi, Nicki, Saweetie, and of course all the hustling rappers out there doing what they do. Genevieve brings her own style to it though. She kind of got that southwest flavor if you familiar with the region. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas all got that kind of influence that might be the water or the people. Can’t really put a finger on how they rap different but they do.

WhoSheB is the last track out from Genevieve Zamora and its tough talking. She has some other tracks where she sing, she has tracks where she sing and rhyme tough and mix it up, she got some more boom bap style and then she got some tracks that sound like she using the trap style sound. She shows she can write and flow around just about any beat. Keep an eye on her and see what she is gonna do next.



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