Home Talent New Heat!! Kidd Napp-Gotta (Feat. Breana Marin & B. Right)

New Heat!! Kidd Napp-Gotta (Feat. Breana Marin & B. Right)

New Heat!!  Kidd Napp-Gotta (Feat. Breana Marin & B. Right)

Artist Kidd Napp may have been born in Los Angeles, CA. But the city of Jackson, MS, helped mold him, along with the struggle of his mother raising five children alone. It was during a deployment in Afghanistan when he made the decision to pursue music as a career. One night while playing one of the tracks he recorded his fellow soldier, Tre (K-Sino) Baity, asked who was he listening to. After he told him it was him, they both became locked in with a common goal as they headed back state side to Savannah, GA. Shortly after pushing out a few songs recorded in a local studio, Napp started production on his first project Under Construction, and released it March 2016. “Gotta (feat. Breana Marin and B. Right)” is his most recent song — and believe me, it’s worth a few listens. His openness as an artist is what will ultimately take him to where he wants to be. To like and relate to his music, is to like and relate directly to him, as he’s put so much of himself into it. It’s well-produced, and curated. Kidd Napp is definitely an artist to add to your playlist this week!


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