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(New Exclusive Interview) The ANThem Talks Music And His Career With VMG | @the_ant_hem

(New Exclusive Interview) The ANThem Talks Music And His Career With VMG | @the_ant_hem

(New Exclusive Interview) The ANThem Talks Music And His Career With VMG

How long have you been doing Music?
All together about 9 or 10 years! Longer than that if you count bangin on the desk makin beats for people to freestyle to back in school!!
Breakdown your style and sound?
So i have been rappin maybe 3 or 4 years out of the 10 years i have been doin music and Curren$y is one of my favorite artists so i think my style started out as a bad impression of Curren$y! Lol!! I knew i wanted to be different yet still be a little lyrical and he was the artist off the top of my head that was both! But i think its morphed since then…i still keep the unorthodox delivery of a Curren$y but i have been able to integrate my other rapping influences now too! For example, the storytelling of Biggie, thats always been cold to me. Or the trap flare of Jeezy and Gucci or being really animated when i rhyme like Boosie and Ludacris! If we put all that in pot and cook it on high i think the finished product is my rap style!! The sound is a product of that, i want you to feel the trap but pay attention to the cautionary tales and lessons littered throughout! [Example: The Dungeon Family]
What do you feel you bring different to the music industry?
The beats i make span genres but also blend them! I think my beats could be a whole new wave of genre bending instrumentals and styles!! As far as rapping…i want to try and make hiphop HIP HOP again!! Not like these old heads that can’t see the art in mumble rap or understand that some folks just want a vibe and could care less about rhymes, i mean lets make room for that but lets get our conscious back too!! When i first started listening to rap in the 90s gangster rap was pretty conscious in its own right. Gangster rappers would give you their experiences in graphic detail but will also tell you that isn’t the path to follow!! Why can’t it be like that again? Thats what i bring…gangster rap with a soul!!
How did you come up with your rap name and what does it mean?
My name The ANThem was actually given to me by a Louisiana artist name J-Mac!! He said that all my beats sound like they could be anthems!! LOL!! The name stuck!! Thats how it started but it means a little more now especially because i put emphasis on hooks and i dream for them to be chanted like an anthem!!
What is the hardest thing in life you had to overcome and how did you overcome it?
Making the jump into music was pretty difficult! I avoided the signs that this should be my career forever!! Even while i was DJing i thought i can’t make this music thing into anything serious!! But simply by selling beats off hand not even thinking about it and the constant pull i felt toward music really gave me that push to pursue it heavily and truly invest in myself and my craft!! I don’t know if i have overcome it…hopefully some small measure of success will ease my tensions a bit but i don’t think i will ever be comfortable…im too hungry! So i just deal with it.
Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?
5 years? Hopefully my fan base is still growing and more people catch on to my music!! I want to do soundtracks for movies, television, commercials…
I just want people to feel the music and possibly relate to some of the stuff I’m talking about…


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