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(New Exclusive Interview) Angel Sessions Talks Music And New Project |

(New Exclusive Interview) Angel Sessions Talks Music And New Project |

(New Exclusive Interview) Angel Sessions Talks Music And New Project

What are the pro’s and con’s of doing music?

The pros of doing music

for me is the first, being blessed by God for giving me the gift to do
so, for His glory. For the love of my fans around the world. I love
singing and writing songs, sharing my gift around the world. The cons
of doing music for me is sometimes once the songs are done, I ask my
self will this song do well, or how will my fans like it. I know that
people may not like everything they heard but I try to give it my best
in hopes of touching the lives of someone who needs to hear those
lyrics I pen or song I sing.

What was one of the biggest lessons you have learned from this music

The biggest lesson I have learn is to make sure the people
on my team have my best interest at heart and I do them. I have
learned that not everyone has your best interest at heart and can
misuse you if you don’t understand the music business.

How do you feel about the current state of music and where do you fit
in the industry?

I feel now that social media has become so important
and big, the fans has become the new record label of our day. The
current state of the music today has changed but the beautiful thing I
see is alot of the indie artists getting their shine, and leasting
some great music. I love alot of the mainstream artists, I have my
favorites, but Im loving the fact that the music industry has changed
and many artist have now the opportunity to get their music out to the
world to hear though social media……. I’ve been in the music
industry for a long time. With over 13th worldwide albums out, my fans
from around the world has  shown alot of love with supporting my music
and I’m so grateful to them and many of the mainstream media and indie
media who also has shown alot of love and support for my music. My
label Atlas Elite Entertainment, Rodney Crews and Demetrius Guidry has
supported me in such a beautiful way, i couldn’t have done this
without them.

Why do you feel it can sometimes be harder for female artist to break
into the industry?

I feel its because it’s been such a male domaining
industry, that it has made it harder for women to break in than men.

You just dropped a project called “I’m Who i am.” What is the concept
behind this record?

The concept is to bring back great music again.
People where missing those great sounds from the 90’s and early
2000’s, I wanted to bring back the sound when music had meaning with a
great message.

What was the hardest thing you had to overcome and how did you
overcome it?

The hardest thing I had to over come is not trusting
everyone I meet. I again had to understand some things I didn’t
understand before, because I was at one time just a artist with big
dreams and wanted to sing and make people happy though my music. I
have now learned a lot and have over come many things I now can
understand when it comes to people who have good intentions for you
and those who don’t .

Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?

I see my brand and career continuing to grow, and becoming more global. Many
people have heard of me and know my brand and some have not so I want
to reach those people who have yet to hear my music and get to know
Angel Sessions.

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