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NEW ARTIST ALERT Meet Hip-Hop’s Newest Star

NEW ARTIST ALERT Meet Hip-Hop’s Newest Star

7 Reasons Why This Artist Will Go From Unsigned To The Majors.

Meet Pop/ R&b Singer Mack Benton, one of our features for this month. Usually we’d do a long write up that feature some of the hottest and talented artists around the globe, but we wont this time. Most artists today either don’t know where they fit in or follow the norm—so much that their unique voice fails to shine through. The Singer/Songwriter Mack Benton, who dwells and creates music in Atlanta, Georgia, honed his craft from day one and now stands firmly on his own two feet as a one-of-a-kind musician. Directly influenced by New York’s up-beat dance scene and the captivating vibe of Atlanta’s R&B scene it’s safe to say that this twenty four year old’s passion is both unparalleled and unwavering.

Reasons he’ll be next:

1. He fits the mode visually
Tall, light skinned and a very attractive guy already gives him an edge in this very shallow industry, especially when it comes to r&b. The ladies will love this guy’s original swag as well as his charisma.

2. He’s Superbly talented
We’ve seen this guy in the studio and there isn’t a riff he cant do, a note he cant hit and most of all he writes his OWN music. This is very rare in the game.

3. He doesn’t follow trends
It’s easy in 2016 to be like everyone else or even jack someone’s style completely. Although it’s probably the easiest road to instant success, its longevity is still debatable. Nothing is original but staying true to your style and abilities will get you far in this game.

4. The most authentic personality
We’ve also met this guy and its nothing but love all the time. This industry can be brutal and its good to be confidant, but being humble takes you a long way as well.

5. One of the highest work ethics
We all know hard works beats talent. This guy writes and records for a living and practice makes perfect. He’s done shows all over the country, opened up for major stars and has done tours.

6. The Guy Has HITS!
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the importance of
Creating and maintaining hits through your career. His new EP
should give you all the explaining you need for this statement.

7. Everyone has doubted and passed up
It’s like Tom Brady In the late rounds. A few major labels have passed up on this guy for artists that have as of lately flopped. If that’s not enough motivation to become great, we don’t know wat is.
Watch & Listen as this new Independent Song-Writer turned Recording Artist takes aim At The Billboard Charts, with his array of Top 40 Hits laced with heartfelt lyrics, pure vocals and smooth delivery.



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