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Neo Tempus Feat. Jack – Davy Jones


Toronto rapper/producer Neo Tempus presents “Davy Jones”, his self-produced new single from Yours Sincerely, his new album featuring Richard MacDougal, Dubb, and Canadian singer/songwriter Jack, who guests on “Davy Jones”. Tempus produced “When I Was Young”, a song by Aftermath artist Jon Connor featuring Chris Webby and Smoke DZA which was featured on Jon’s Unconscious State album. Tempus describes “Davy Jones” as “an embodiment of the phase I went through due to heartbreak and disappointment. I got inspired from Pirates Of The Caribbean, they incorporated the tale of Davy Jones into the movie. When I saw that he cut out his heart and put it in a chest because he had been heartbroken, I instantly related to it. Pain can leave us heartless sometimes, and it definitely had me. So in this song I’m Davy Jones.”