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Nehemiah Feat. JC – Fight No More

Nehemiah Feat. JC – Fight No More

Check out the new album from Nehemiah 2:5 and his latest music video for his new single “Fight No More”

Nehemiah 2:5 has dropped his new album LUCID and the music video for his track “Fight No More.”Following the release of leader Rap Monster’s “RM” mixtape and J-Hope’s “1 Verse” last year, Nehemiah 2:5 has finally released his long-awaited album “LUCID,” which features his leading single “Fight No More.”

He’s been known for his previous albums including “ The building Block 1.5” and “Building Block 2.5” Building Block Entertainment.

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VMG Review


"Fight No More Is A Typical Visual Of A Guy Wanting His Girl Back By Not Fighting No More. Which Is A Concept That Has Been Done Before. But The Young Guy "Nehemiah" Is Given His Personal Approach On How He Don't Want To Fight Any More. The Hook And Production Was Good And Catchy And Solid As He Blessed The Track With The Harmony. The Visual Was O.K., As We Were Looking To See And Experience Something From The Norm, But Overall A Good Music Video And Song, Worth A Look And Listen."

Replay Value 7.0


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