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Nathan Conniry Fuses Something Unique in His Recent Released Song ‘So Baby’

Nathan Conniry Fuses Something Unique in His Recent Released Song ‘So Baby’

It’s always interesting whenever you come across a song and find it energetic. Music industry has witnessed so many energetic blends during the past decades. However, being a music enthusiast, you must be waiting for listening to something new and fresh. A musical composition tells a lot about the song and its rhythmic blend. Hip hop, rap and pop – these are the three genres that have come up with excellent musicality. The singer Nathan Conniry is no exception to create buzz with his fresh pop tracks. Music has always been a unique way to express your emotions. And Nathan Conniry has correctly used this trick to reach to worldwide fans.

His interesting musicality has taken place in one of his recent released track “So Baby”. Here, the singer has fused all sorts of melody along with harmonious vocalization. The opening riffs are perfectly lined over with the rhythmic approaches. There is an unmatchable song structure introduced in this new single. The lyrics are simple and the singer has also presented his leading voice in this song. Nathan Conniry has started songwriting at a tender age of 19. After that, he has come up with almost 800 poetries.

At the age of 20, he has worked with different instrumentation’s to set a new direction to music. Thereafter, he thought of releasing some tracks based on freestyle. Nathan Conniry put his full potentiality in producing a single music. His passion and dedication have proved him to be one of the best musicians of his era. Words are placed correctly in his tracks and music and verse are the key elements of his music. He has the capability to compose, sing and record the track within 4 hours. And the singer does not give up until his music gets up to the mark.

An amazing musical flow is lined over throughout the song “So Baby”. He follows the say that practices makes one perfect. Therefore, this artist practices singing every day and comes up with different and versatile musicality. “So Baby” has received good response from the worldwide listeners. His fan base is also increasing with the new lyricism of the artist. It has been almost six years Nathan Conniry is releasing music. Throughout the career, this artist has faced loads of ups and downs. Finally, the time has come when he is going to get placed amongst the best young musicians in soundcloud. Nathan Conniry is happy to witness this proud moment of his life and he promises to entertain his fans with more exciting pop music in near future.


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