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Nas – The World Is Yours

Nas – The World Is Yours

“The World Is Yours” is a 1994 song by rapper Nas. It was the third single from his debut album Illmatic, released a month after the album. It is considered by some music critics one of the greatest hip-hop songs ever recorded; About.com ranked it seventh greatest rap song of all time.[2] The song was produced by Pete Rock—who also sings the song’s chorus—and samples “I Love Music” by Ahmad Jamal and “It’s Yours” by T La Rock. It reached #13 on the Hot Rap Singles chart in 1994.

The song (including the title) and its accompanying video pay homage to the film Scarface. The song also references drug dealer/crime boss Howard “Pappy” Mason.

A remix of the song was produced by Q-Tip featuring similar but new lyrics; both it and the original were released by Columbia Records as singles, and promoted with music videos.