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Music Money PR – “Dj Drops From The God Level”

Music Money PR – “Dj Drops From The God Level”

When I came across http://www.musicmoneypr.com it was down to seeing the 100s of unsigned artists promoting their music via the revolutionary new hashtag #MusicMoney, this is what got me interested in the new style of music service these guys are offering. In recent months this hashtag has provided a platform for up and coming artists to promote their music to over 100,000 fans. The industry genius behind this new movement, Amnediel Beatz, CEO of Music Money PR has launched this campaign in association with his brand new DJ Drops and music promotion site and I had the chance to speak to him about the brand and the importance of your identity as an artist.

“DJ Drops are an essential component for upcoming talents in the world of music. The chances of succeeding without a unique identity is very slim” says Amnediel. “In this ultra competitive industry you have to differentiate yourself from your competition.” Clients will often remember the trademark DJ Drops when it comes to rehiring a DJ and the crowd reaction at their event. Ever seen a promising artist with massive amount of talent that just doesn’t make? It happens everyday and it is almost always related the marketing set up in place. Being a talented individual alone is not going to cut it. One has to seek professional assistance in this era of social media celebrity and brand themselves into a world renowned name to really make it in the industry. Being able to build a fan base is difficult as it is but with the help of Amnediel and his team, now any artist can grow their following and create their own signature sound. His site offers not only DJ drop creation but also music promotion packages and mixtape covers that will really define your career. After 10 years as a producer himself, Amnediel is the go-to guy for anyone looking to make it.

“Only the cream of the crop will rise and it is important to be among the names that eventually are respected in the music business. DJ drops have always helped in providing that memorable sound and when combined with relentless and targeted promotion I believe I can help anyone get to the top of their game”. Amnediel tells me, he has amassed over 1 million followers in the last year alone and has the biggest reach of any music promotion service on the planet. Having that driving force behind any artist is something you just cannot put a price on. I think it about time you checked out the site, head over to http://www.musicmoneypr.com and be sure to sign up to their subscriber list for tons of freebies and discounts.

“Music Money PR, DJ Drops from the God Level”

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