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Music Business Advice – How Do You Know If You Have Any Fans.

Music Business Advice – How Do You Know If You Have Any Fans.

Bay Area, California- The Independent Music Seminar by DJ Daric B The new weekly web series geared at answering questions on topics submitted by indie artists. In the first weeks episode DJ Daric B, the host of the series and a long time music professional, answers the age old question “How Do I Know If I Have Any Fans” and also how many fans do I have exactly. Daric B uses a simple formula to calculate an artist’s true fan base. The system he uses is pretty simple. How many fans you have is based on how many people are willing to part ways with money in order to support your cause. Even more precisely he says that anyone willing to spend $50 over the course of 12 months is a true “Fanatic” or fan. He uses the example of an artist that made $10,000 over the course of 2016. Using his formula the artist would have 200 true fans. We get that number by dividing the $10,000 by $50 = 200 people. This formula may anger some people who have never made any money in music or who disagree with his number of $50. But, the reality of the situation is most of the people who disagree are people who do not make money in music. They typically do not spend a lot of money in music either. This is not a true professional artist. This is a person who makes music as a hobby.

If music is a hobby to you then it can not be a business as well and therefore your goals are not the same as a professional artist. Daric B is speaking to professional artists in this blog who want to find a formula to calculate their true fan base. He goes on to say that in order to consider someone a “Fan” they need to be willing to make a financial investment in you. This is the biggest sticking point with a lot of indie artists. They think they have this huge fanbase when in reality most of them have no more than a handful of people who will support their career.

The video blog sets up a really great series for Siccness.net which has been a pioneering indie rap blog located in California since the 1990’s, and Daric B who’s knowledge of the music world and business is a blessing to fans. Daric B really does two things with this one blog, he defines what an actual fan is, something most artists do not comprehend, and he gives you a way to calculate what your true fan base might be. The new video blog series The Independent Music Seminar by DJ Daric B powered by Siccness.Net is exactly what the Internet needs to help guide these aspiring artists who really want to develop their career.


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