Home Talent Mr. P Chill Feat. J.Smo – Burn It Down

Mr. P Chill Feat. J.Smo – Burn It Down

Mr. P Chill Feat. J.Smo – Burn It Down

With the media focused in on Ferguson, Missouri, it is important to remember police brutality is a daily occurrence affecting many lives in many communities across the planet. After the recent decision in the Mike Brown case, Mr. P Chill was inspired to share his thoughts and feelings on the situation in the form of this song.

Calling for listeners to raise their awareness of the current climate, he called on J.Smo to join him in this social commentary.

Peaceful protest is a necessary tool for the affected masses.

It is now time to suppress Hate in exchange for the expressions of Love.

It is time to investigate, question, and fix the institutions of police culture, court systems, and their use of race to divide communities and create aggression.

It is time to stop paying attention to the media hype. We must take the time to dig for the cold hard facts, learn to question everything, and form our own conclusions about the world around us.

“Burn It Down” by Mr. P Chill and J.Smo is a call to burn down the walls that divide us. It is time to unite for change and positivity. It is time to Live for Peace and Fight for Freedom.