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Moos – The Life Scents EP

Moos – The Life Scents EP

Moos Presents The Life Scents EP

In Life Scents, Moos infuses a great flow of poetry, hardcore rap and deep lyrics over banger beats that connects with a broad number of listeners. Moos’s music is characteristically laced with many stories most of which talks about the many hurdles and challenges he has managed to overcome. Unconventional in every sense of it, Moos found music as an invaluable resource to propel him above his Somalian roots. Having been born in Turkey, Moos journey in life took him to Libya before he eventually moved to Europe in 2009.

The 20 year old who is about to drop his debut EP titled Life Scents to the delight of his growing fans started making music from a young age. He picked up drums and he tried his hands on several instruments from whose unique sounds he draws his influences, as well as from heavyweights such as Kanye West and Cyhi the Prynce. Nowadays, Moos’s music has signatures of experimental music, punk rock, hip-hop and rock. In 2014, Moos began music production after his introduction to FL studio – A Digital Audio Workstation Music production software; with daily practice, Moos defined his own sound and he is more than proud to share it with the rest of the world on this EP.

The Life Scents EP is projected to be a success because it details the everyday struggle of most young people and the usual challenge of dealing with loneliness and depression from Moos perspective. Moos carefully detailed his struggles with drugs, pills and weed in order to counter his depression and loneliness. This EP is a walk through the pain for Moos howbeit in a very positive sense. Moos teams up with rappers in Belgium where he currently lives and from the United States to make this stellar work of art.

The six track EP features Malcom X on the intro, Scotty Moon(one of the realest and hottest lyricist on the roll from the US), 8500k, Liyah, Miyammi, Vibesys and Cambridge all of whom are established acts in their own rights.

Moos hopes to go places with his talent, silence his critics and thrill his fans and he specially dedicated the track titled My Name as a kind reminder for everyone that his success is imminent. He also hopes to champion a new kind of engagement among youths turning away their attention from drugs to music to fight depression and other negative tendencies.

Moos’ music journey and the many successes he has achieved is testament to his hard working nature and his relentless belief in his ability despite life’s challenges. His other influences include: Good Charlotte, Greenday, GoldFinger and Time Mansionzzz.

Life Scents is a work of art that captures life’s many pleasant and disgusting smell combined together and put into music. This EP is not one that is bound by time or location. It is a gift born out of life’s experiences and will open up the listeners to a positive perspective about life despite the challenges. Moos is excited about this project and he is inviting you to enjoy every piece of it.

August 17th is the release date. 

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