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Moe – Cloud Surf E.P.

Moe – Cloud Surf E.P.

Let Moe be your conductor as we journey on the wave all the way through cloudy sky! Thank you all for the support, I could not have done it without you! Copyrighted.

Moe is a brand new rapper debuting on the scene in the Bay Area.
Born in Stockton, and growing up in the south, Moe also lived overseas as a youngster in the occupied territory of Palestine. He lived in a rough area, bullet holes in buildings throughout his neighborhood and even had an assault rifle pointed at him by a solider when he was only three. His mother, a cancer survivor, and his father, an immigrant father who’s hardships were surreal making it in America, taught him to never let where you are now affect where you are going to be.

These experiences had given him a much more cultured, bright, outlook on life and it definitely shows in his style. The beats are funky. They’re trippy mane! The flow locks you in a melodic trance. He even produces beats and plays instruments! Hip hop is his lifeline and the 808 is his heartbeat. Moe is truly a new twist to the game with that old school flavor!


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