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MJ Abs – Just Burn

MJ Abs – Just Burn

Is kissing a lover’s friend ok? ‘Just Burn’ asks the question.

Recently released single Just Burn is a rap song about first love. However, buried deep in this classy soothing song is a taboo subject, passionately kissing the friend of a lover!

It’s one of the subjects explored in a track that at first glance comes across as a pure love song celebrating first love during Summer. Behind the scenes and the mellow music though, the song is not all pure or calm.

Buried in a verse the song explores the world of a first love that is tainted by passion directed at the girlfriend’s best friend. A deep kiss. Did it cause the break up? Or had the couple just broken up when the kiss took place? Listen and decide for yourself.

The song is a first release for MJ Abs and features the talented J Sexton and Alexa Lash.


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