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Michael DeAngelo – Henny (Half Full)

Michael DeAngelo – Henny (Half Full)

Hip Hop artist Michael DeAngelo releases a visual to his budding single “Henny”. The lyrical party song drags you in with it’s melodic slightly drunk vibe.

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Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/michael-deangelo-1/henny-half-full
Instagram: michaeldeangelomusic
Twitter: @mikeldeangelo

Bay Area, CA

VMG Review


"Creatively "Henny (Half Full)" Was Visually Trippy, But It Makes Perfect Sense As I Thought I Was Tipsy Off That Bottle Too. LOL... Michael DeAngelo Shot Some Strong BARS, As He Expresses His Passion For "Henny" aka Hennessy. I Honestly Looked At This At Least 10 Plus Times During The Review. See It For Yourself, And See Why His Bottle Is Half Full."

Replay Value8.0
Originality 8.5
Reader Rating: ( 0 vote ) 0