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Men’s Bold Fashion Statement

Men’s Bold Fashion Statement

Men’s Bold Fashion Statement


It’s always thought that fashion and men are poles apart. But nowadays, that belief no longer rings true as men have started to make bold fashion statements by wearing accessories that uniquely define them. These accessories or jewels encapsulate masculinity and boost confidence and makes the wearer feel good. The jewelry men wear functions as a way to express themselves and are an inherent styling.


Rings are one of the jewelry men wear not only to signify that they are taken but also to make a bold fashion statement. Skull rings for example denote bravery and the living of life on the edgy, wild side – bikers wear skull rings to get the message that they are made from toughness and built for riding the labyrinth of roads, having no fear of imminent danger. Cross rings are another good choice for men to make a meaningful, contained in spirituality bold fashion statement. Cross rings may symbolize many things like faith, strength and empathy – the crucifix is a highly respected symbol and when it’s on rings, it becomes a fashion statement.


                                                                                                                                                                            via belindajewelz.com


Silver Anchor necklaces and crosses are indispensable for men to make an impacting fashion statement. Anchor necklaces have long been an exclusive accessory for men. Like the nature of an anchor, holding a ship secure, anchor necklaces symbolize a strong man who won’t budge from his responsibilities and principles.


                                                                                                                                                                                via overstock.com


Skull necklaces semblances are the same as they are for skull rings. Also, rock lovers also wear skull jewelry following their rock icons like Keith Richard’s fashion statements by the flaunting of skull jewelry.


                                                                                                                                                                                  via ebay.com


Ear studs for men are totally in – gone are the days where earrings are said only meant for women. From diamond studs to silver, earrings have created a fashion statement for men.


Suffice to say that more and more men of today are wearing jewelry to make a hard hitting fashion statement while indulging in self expression.


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