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Mellah Nix Presentzz… STOKT UP Prod. @pendo_46

Mellah Nix Presentzz… STOKT UP Prod. @pendo_46

This is the newest single off the latest mixtape K1NG HYENA…this body of work assists in my redirection of frustration and anger pushing me through pressure unto my kingship… Hyenas are my favorite animal the mixtape will be released on JULY 7TH.


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Frederick, MD


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I am a talented digital\/mixed media artist who draws from a wide range of cultural and artistic influences. My unique perspective is deeply rooted in my Haitian, African-Bantu, Chippewa, and Ancestry, and I proudly express this diversity in my work.

From a very young age, I was drawn to music and art. My grandfather, a “blues man” from Sunflower, Mississippi, introduced me to the power of music. At the same time, my mother encouraged my artistic talents by calling me “Picasso” and urging me to share my vision with the world. Tragically, my mother would not live to see my career take off, as she was murdered by my stepfather when I was just seven years old. My siblings and I were taken in by our grandparents, who continued to support and nurture my artwork.

As an artist, I am inspired by a diverse range of sources, including anime, erotic film actresses, old rock band album covers, and 80’s music like Blondie. My artwork has been described as “trippy” by those who view it, and each piece contains a unique story and life of its own.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have opportunities to showcase my work. I have been a resident artist at Art Studio Miami for the past five years and have undertaken high-profile projects including a piece on the northern exposure of the roof of L.M.N.T – a local art gallery – visible to passersby on the I-195 highway. Additionally, I have collaborated with renowned artist Kehinde Wiley on his “Faux Real” exhibition and with the gallery Deitch Projects on the piece titled “Morfene,” which was featured in the Art in America Magazine 2004 April issue.

My passion for digital and mixed media art continues to drive my creative spirit, and I look forward to sharing my vision with the world for years to come.


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