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Mars Jackson – Hype Chill

Mars Jackson – Hype Chill

As one of the most exciting acts to emerge from the Pittsburgh rap scene, Mars Jackson, sees himself as an artist who is trying to share his life through his music.Never one to rush projects, “HypeChill” (4th mixtape) is long overdue but shows obvious progression from the Pittsburgh MC. With features from Spank Lee, S.BOO, BADBOXES and Hii Class Society’s very own Grits Capone “HypeChill” is sure to be a classic to new and old Mars Jackson fans. Influenced by life’s challenges, tracks like “More Promises” and radio friendly “Sacrifice” depicts a mature take on life’s occurrences . Whereas, “I.J.S” and “We heard that sh*t” are singles to turn any party/session up.

Download The Mixtape HERE