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Marina Matiss: When In Doubt Burn A Piano

Marina Matiss: When In Doubt Burn A Piano

How do you get over a bad break up? Some people meditate, others turn to fast food and for the singer-songwriter, Marina Matiss burning a piano seemed to be the logical choice.

“I wrote this song after an abusive and hurtful relationship and I feel free when I sing it, it’s like a crash between the painful past and the relief of letting go. And the burning piano, that’s the past going up in flames.”
El Perdón is the second collaboration with Arthur Pingrey who prior produced music for Sting and Sia. This time Matiss started experimenting with harmonies trying to “keep the sound simple and yet complicated in its originality with harmonies”.

“I wanted to use a modern beat combined with jazzy harmonies, so we kept piano and strings. Synths were created to imitate the sound of waves.”

“This time it’s very personal” says Matiss. “I was trying to capture something invisible, something that wouldn’t let me breath for a long time but I managed to give it a form in my music and when you call your demons by their names they disappear.”

Additional Media: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7e1mESC2IAc3eyCR5ko498

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