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Manasseh Johnson – “Pure Creative Control”

Manasseh Johnson – “Pure Creative Control”

Manasseh Johnson a fine artist who specializes in realism/portraiture, but also enjoys creating simple ethnic pieces depicting love and soul. he has range to dabble in all mediums, But in this case “Talent” sees no limit, nor his “Expressions” speaks with no boundaries. VMG had a sit down with Manasseh, to see the mindset of what a true artist is.

VMG Approved Pictures [More Art Work At Bottom Of Interview]

[Personal Note] ** I had a good friend (A.Townsend) send me a pic recently, right off top I was so amazed of the details and creativity of the picture, that I had to do my homework on this guy and reach out to him ASAP… Being that I used to draw heavy when younger, I can deeply appreciate his craft and creativity. **


1. What’s is your actual name?

My name is Manasseh Johnson.

2. Where are you from?

I’m from Vineland, NJ.

3. When did you first start to draw?

I first started drawing at the age of 3, my mother said she first recognized my talent from a drawing of city skyline I had drawn.

4. Do you sell your work?

Yea I sell my work, I sell prints of all my pieces.

5. What the weirdest thing you ever drawn?

Well the weirdest request that I can remember drawing was of Marvin the Martian with tattoos , and leopard skin pants.

6. What kind of music you listen to when you are doing a piece?

It’s all depends on my mood but I actually listen to comedians on Pandora when I’m drawing…Katt Williams, Kevin Hart,Mike Epps etc…, but when I do listen to music its mostly R&B or gospel.

7. Being that this is a hip hop website I had to asked this, are you a fan of hip hop music and the culture and does it have any inspiration for some of your work?

I am a fan of hip hop music but more so of the old school or what would you call the old-school today, artists like Busta Rhymes, DMX, Nas, Biggie.. but yea I would say the culture has some influence on some of my work.

8. Every one has there own style, what would you call your style and what does your style Consist of?

I think overall my style is “Realism” which consists of paying close attention to detail but I also enjoy doing simple illustrations which give you a straight forward message.

9. What is your favorite piece so far?

My favorite piece is the “Adrian Peterson” piece….I love the detail in that piece.

10. What gives you your inspiration when starting a piece?

What gives me inspiration when starting a piece is God…. I am just so thankful for the gift has given me and it gives me the drive to keep creating.

11. What do you see your self doing with your art in the next 5 years?

I see my self working as a full-time illustrator and also selling prints of my work worldwide.

12. When you hear “Vintage Media Group” what comes to mind?

What comes to mind when I hear Vintage Media group is “Classic” or Old-school entertainment.

13. Do you feel that being an artist is sort of a dead end occupation?

Being an artist should never be a dead end occupation for any artist, there are so many avenues you can take in the art world; illustrator , designer, muralist, sculptor, fashion, the list goes on and on and the beautiful thing about being an artist is as long as your still breathing you can create.

14. What’s next for you, what’s your plans for the near future?

What’s next is finishing up my bachelors degree in illustration and for the near future, I plan to be an exhibitor at the Art expo when it comes to Philly this fall/winter.

15. Your pictures are all over the Internet and social media sites and people really like your work how does that make you feel personally?

As far as my work being all over social media, It makes me feel really good and appreciated my only issue is I would like it if more ppl would give me credit when sharing my work.

16. Has any celebrities reached out to you because of your work?

Yes Trey Songz , mother April Tucker contacted me and said she she’ll be hiring me to do some work so I’ll be looking forward to that in the near future… Shay Buckeey Johnson from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta asked me to do a portrait of her. Meagan Good gave me a shout out on Instagram for doing the piece I did of her so that was pretty cool.

17. How can someone reach you if they want artwork or just to view your work?

If someone wants to reach me they can email me at Manassehj@yahoo.com If you would like to see some of my work you can go to my
art page on facebook www.facebook.com/artofmanassehjohnson …Instagram…@Manasseh_Art ….My website is coming soon and is currently under construction and also I will be revealing some new pieces at the art expo.

18. Any Last Remarks?

I just want to thank you for this interview , it is very much appreciated. I also checked out your website and it looks really good, I wish you much success and God Bless.

Checkout Manasseh Johnson Artwork Below: