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Making A Name For Yourself In The Blogging World

Making A Name For Yourself In The Blogging World

Making A Name For Yourself In The Blogging World


There are a lot of fashion bloggers, which means it is often difficult to make your mark. You can become a recognizable name in the blogging world, however, if you use the following eight tips to help propel yourself to success.


  1. Capture lots of photographs.


Take pictures. Take pictures even if you do not think you will need them. You may believe that you have already captured the perfect shot, but you never know if the lighting or the angle was quite right. You could upload your photos, only to realize that there was a problem with the image that you captured. Therefore, take as many pictures as possible in as many different locations as you can. That is the only way to ensure that you will have the shot that you need. There is nothing worse than getting home and realizing that you don’t have the perfect picture!


  1. Don’t forget to put hashtags.


If you want more people to follow you on Instagram, you have to make use of hashtags. Doing so makes you more visible and may also get more people to take a look at your blog. When you use a hashtag, your image will pop up when that specific hashtag is searched for by others. Certain hashtags, like those that have to do with the fashion industry or with a particular brand, are extremely helpful in raising your visibility.

There are also a number of tools that can help too. Sites such as Statisgram and Instamacro can help you get more followers for Instagram.


  1. Make note of the brands.


When you upload a picture to Instagram, tag the brand. This may capture the company’s attention and they could share your picture as a result. If this happens, you will have a lot of new people checking you out, and your blog could become immensely more popular. Companies tend to have a lot of followers; it stands to reason that if a large number of people are made aware of your account, you could benefit as a result.


  1. Stick to brands you like.


You should put a lot of thought into which brands you want to work with. Only choose brands that you actually like; for example, if there was no money or reward involved, who would you choose to align yourself with? This is important because your name is on the line. If you say something good about a brand, your followers will take your words at face value. They will believe what you say. If your words ring hollow, or are incorrect, your reputation will take a hit. That means fewer followers and less traffic for your blog. Therefore, don’t allow money to talk. Your reputation is important and you need to protect it as much as possible.


  1. Always respond.


If someone comments on your picture, take the time to respond. Doing so improves your online reputation and encourages new followers to continue to look at and interact with your pictures. In addition, you may make a connection with someone that can help you as you work to gain more visibility for your blog.


  1. Work Together With Others


Look for bloggers that have things in common with you. If you are able to work with these individuals, you should get new followers. This is because your account will be visible to the other blogger’s followers. You are actually helping each other, because your followers will be able to see the other blog as well.


  1. Make sure your blog looks good.


What looks good to you and what looks good to someone else may be two different things. Therefore, when setting up your blog, think of what others want to see. Put up good content that is easy to read. Make sure that your colors are aesthetically appealing but that don’t make it difficult to read text. Instagram is very visual, so if you want to be successful, you have to find the right balance.


  1. Purchase a good camera.


When it comes to Instagram, people often choose to follow someone based on the way their images look. Therefore, it is important to have a good camera at your disposal, so that you can deliver the type of images that people are looking for. This means that you may have to ditch the iPhone when you are taking a particularly important photograph. However, buying a good camera costs money, so make sure that you are invested in the process before you get one.


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