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Magnus Mason – ‘Worth It’ & ‘Ghost Town’

Magnus Mason – ‘Worth It’ & ‘Ghost Town’

As the year comes to and end and the festive season approaches, most artists have happily resigned themselves to their ‘Wrapped’ results on Spotify, setting down and waiting for the a near year of music to being. Magnus Mason, however, is not most artists, and in the fading days of 2020 he’s released not one, but two new singles.

Born and raised in Ulm, Germany, Magnus is still a relative newcomer to the international scene, but he’s already made quite the impression. After charging into the spotlight with the release of his dreamy hip-hop debut ‘Neverland’, the self-styled and fiercely original artist has continued to push his boundaries with ‘Worth It’ and ‘Ghost Town’, two trap-inspired singles that perfectly carry on his melodic, DIY sound. Released on December 1st and December 5th respectively, the new singles were both self-produced, with help from the talented Mantra, while Magnus also took it upon himself to engineer and master the tracks, ensuring the tracks hold firm to a creative style that is completely his own.

When speaking of the tracks and his decision to release them both in December, Magnus explained, “I’m born in December, so I want to put music out in this month, this year and in the [future]”. He continued, “’Worth It’ was just me having fun and doing different things with my voice. It’s not that serious. I later found out a girl inspired me at parts of it and it’s not all just imagination.”

“With Ghost Town, it’s the same really. I just had a ton of fun writing it and recording it. It’s art. It’s all fun man. I wanted to thank all of my fans and listeners; I didn’t expect it to go like this. ‘Neverland’ did great and ‘Worth It’ kind of blew over night. It’s crazy and I’m deeply thankful and humbled”.

Two seriously impressive releases that flow with a true and sporadic energy, both ‘Worth It’ and ‘Ghost Town’ are available to stream below, or head over to Magnus’ Spotify page to find all his releases to date.

Additional Media: https://soundcloud.com/iammagnusmason

Alongside the two new singles, Magnus also hinted that another new single will be surfacing soon, with the tentatively titled ‘Someday’ slated for release on December 11th this. Follow Magnus on his social media pages below so you don’t miss the new drop and check out our latest interview with him where he talks about his life, creative process, and what it means for him to make music.

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