Home Exclusive LS Muzik Group Makes Impact in Music With Real Muzik Revisited: Hip-Hop Vol.1

LS Muzik Group Makes Impact in Music With Real Muzik Revisited: Hip-Hop Vol.1

LS Muzik Group Makes Impact in Music With Real Muzik Revisited: Hip-Hop Vol.1 8.7

LS Muzik Group brings real hip hop back to the forefront of the music industry with its Real Muzik Revisited: Hip-Hop Vol.1 compilation. Bringing together ten very talented independent hip-hop artists from various locations – each represents the true culture of hip-hop. As the music industry experience a shift in hip-hop music, with some of today’s rappers developing a style of their own, that has been labeled as “mumble rap”, true hip-hop followers are a bit disappointed in the content – that they refuse to listen. But LS Muzik Group looks to change that with its current release of Real Muzik Revisited: Hip-Hop Vol.1, by delivering ten songs with great content, starting with the single, “No Peace” by J.A.I.1.The compilation delivers songs that are sure to please the ears of true hip-hop fans on just about every level of hip hop music.

VMG had a moment to check out this DOPE wave from ATL, as they are looking to make a strong impact with bringing real music back.

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The Real Is BACK... ATL is looking to take back the crown as the overall source for modern Hip-Hop. Not only that LS Muzik Group is showcasing those elements with their recent project "Real Muzik Revisited: Hip-Hop Vol.1". First thing that grabbed us, even before we listened to the project was the cover art. It has a very deep hip-hop feel which got us excited here at VMG. What also made this project so DOPE was that the project has talents from all over, not just from one area of the state, which gives you a widespread opportunity to hear so many Dope artists. Second is that they trimmed the fat, and gave you just the HEAT. This project has 10 strong tracks that is hard hitting, and solid thru the whole project. one of our editors stated: "Why Can't Hip-Hop Come Back To This!" We instantly here at VMG is giving this the "VMG Approved Stamp". It's worth a listen, and if you love hip-hop then this project is for you.

Replay Value8.5
Originality 8.5
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.6


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