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Lou Anthony Shoots Shot at Kehlani & Zendaya in ‘Girls From The Bay’

Lou Anthony Shoots Shot at Kehlani & Zendaya in ‘Girls From The Bay’

Oakland, CA — The Philly rapper is known to be quite humble and genuine, but he showed how bold he can be when he name-dropped two Oakland natives in his new song “Girls From The Bay.”

Lou Anthony is a proven fanboy of pop superstar and original Oaklander Kehlani, as seen in years past admiring and flirting with the singer via his Instagram Stories. Although it’s unclear if Kehlani ever responded to the rapper, it’s apparent that his crush on her remains strong as ever. In the song, he referred to her, or perhaps a like individual, as his “future baby mommy” (also a play on one of Kehlani’s lyrics).

The gap between Anthony and Oakland’s other daughter, Zendaya, seems a bit wider, though, as the 28-year-old businessman hadn’t openly admired the actress until now. However, like with Kehlani, it’s clear that Lou wants the former Disney star’s attention…and maybe even her phone number.

“It’s not that,” Anthony said with an undeniable blush. “It’s not that at all. It’s just music, it’s just fun,” he explained. “I am flattered that you’d think that,” he laughingly concluded, “but no.”

Known to keep his private life private, did Lou Anthony really mean nothing by the name drops? Or is there something more that he’s keeping to himself?

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