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Logan P. McCoy – Brush You Off

Logan P. McCoy – Brush You Off

Brooklyn rapper Logan P. McCoy presents “Brush You Off”, the new single from his new EP NYP: Spirit Album. “Many people are of the opinion that my style of Hip-Hop is too different for lack of a better term to be accepted as contemporary Hip-Hop,” says Logan. “I’ve had material and immaterial successes that have assured me that there are many many people who share and appreciate my artistic vision. Concentrating on reaching them, I’ve learned to brush off any ideas, thoughts or people who suggest I do otherwise. Applying the principles of Tai Chi, I’ve learned to absorb and transmute otherwise destructive energy into creative energy. ‘Brush You Off’ is my testament to the efficacy of this mental practice.” NYP: The Spirit Album is available now on Logan’s Bandcamp page.