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DJ Locnez – Story Of A Monster [VMG Exclusive]

DJ Locnez – Story Of A Monster [VMG Exclusive]

Started back in 2000, as a vision/idea. In 2001 the vision became reality with Dj Locnez and Locnez Promotions present’s WE ARE OHIO “STAY FOCUSED” vol one. As time progressed so did the movement as a whole. City to City this was the talk of the town. Pretty soon, it caught the eye of the OHIO HIP HOP AWARDS. We Are Ohio “STAY FOCUSED” volumes 2 and 4 were nominated. As, more and more people,artist’s, sponsers got involved it became a huge success. In fact it is the Biggest and Largest Movement for Ohio in the entire Midwest. So, it is now 2015 we are on volume six and it has already connected with over 22 cosponsers and growing daily. Been, in all cities across the state as well as caught the attention of some National artist’s. Some, of these National Artist’s include but not limited to the following, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Rittz, Crooked I, Bizarre, Eightball and Mjg, Yo Gotti just to name a few. Any Ohio artist’s interested in becoming a part of the next volume of the movement feel free to contact Dj Locnez on his site www.djlocnez.com. Until than we shall leave you with the Huge Successful release of DJ LOCNEZ AND NERVE DJS PRESENT’S WE ARE OHIO “STAY FOCUSED” VOL 6 WITH WILLIE FLIGHT….

1. Tell us who you are and what you do exactly?

I am Dj Locnez, Midwest Official Legendary Mixtape Dj, Midwest Official Dtp Mixtape Dj, Nerve Dj, IDJ and Artist.
I was born in Dayton Ohio, and have lived in several cities in Ohio since. Been working on my music career ever since sixth grade. You can go back and trace the tallest kid with a “U CAN’T TOUCH THIS” tshirt on in the sixth grade graduate picture.
My career and skills are in a little bit of everything. I am an artist, I help produce, I market,promote, and mix for others as well as myself. I host mixtapes, and build marketing campaigns as well as business plans. I also am a motivational speaker. All, of this has lead me to put together my own promotions business, Locnez Promotions. Pretty much anything you need done the Monster can get it done.

2. How long have you been chasing you’re dreams in music?

I have been chasing my dreams in music ever since elementary school. Kids always made fun of me for rhyming at lunch time and recess. Who, has the last laugh now, lol.

3. Where do you get you’re inspiration from?

My true inspiration comes from my faith in God. My other inspiration comes from my mom Momma Locnez. Both have been in my corner since day one.

4. What advice do you have for other people with disabilities chasing they’re dreams?

I would tell them to put they’re faith first, family second, and find a good support system. With these three things in life there are no limits of what you can do.

5. What are some of the achievements you have accomplished in you’re career?

Well, in 2003 I was accepted as the #636th mc on Mtv’s Mc Battle when it first started. Due, to finace’s at the time was unable to attend. It, just took off from there been in and out of newspaper’s ever since I started in music. I have been nominated for the Ohio Hip Hop Awards several times now. The biggest year of my career was in 2013, when I was nominated seven times in several catogories and award shows. One, of the most memorable honor’s was I was nominated for “MOST INSPIRATIONAL” person in the Midwest at the Midwest Hip Hop Awards and I won. Also, I was on the front cover of BREAD MAGAZINE a publication out of Texas, as well as in several other magazine’s as well. With. this year being nominated and advancing in the prenomination stage at the first ever 2015 MTV ALLSTAR MIXTAPE DJ AWARDS in the “MOST GRINDING DJ OF THE YEAR” catogorey. With, all this said and done I really know in my heart I am truly hardworking and blessed. I believe it’s only gonna get Bigger from here on out.

6. Tell us about any upcoming projects/movements you have going on right now?

Well, we just dropped the next volume in the Biggest Movement for OHIO in the entire Midwest Dj Locnez and Nerve Djs present’s WE ARE OHIO “STAY FOCUSED” Volume six cohosted by Wilie Flight. Volume six, has such a Monster allstar lineup from Yo Gotti, Rittz,Crooked I,Bizarre,Eightball, Mjg, and Bone Thugs N Harmony as well as some of the best artist’s from Ohio. This is far the Biggest one we have put out yet with over 22 cosponsers in full support of the Movement. We also have growing strong our Indiana Movement. Dj Locnez and Nerve Djs present’s INDIANA: “RESPECT OUR HUSTLE” vol 3 cohosted by Indiana’s own Dj Pyrex. That has caught the attention of many major artist’s as well as some of Indiana’s best.
This year, we also hosted 2014 Indy Urban Award winner for “BEST FEMALE RAPPER” Gi Jane’s new mixtape Dj Locnez and Nerve Djs present’s Gi Jane “I EAT MICS”. Other than, that we are currently working on our next volume in our ever growing movement out of Texas. Dj Locnez and Nerve Djs present’s Don’t Mess With Texas vol 3. Doing all this with all my continued health issues, and lost loved ones. I finally decided it was time to put out my own solo album first one in over a decade and a half. Coming this October, Locnez Promotions present’s Locnez “THE STORY OF A MONSTER”… The Monster,The Legend,The Man all Coming Soon. First single from the solo project “NO ESCAPE” Music video coming next month.

7. What made you want to put together movements for Ohio, Indiana, and Texas and any other states are are you considering?

We really wanted to see which states would really want to get they’re voices heard. It just so happened to be OHIO,INDIANA, and Texas. I have heard people out of Chitown and people from Mississippi, and Missiouri wanna take they’re chance at it. So, we shall see, with all this going on we truly believe that one of the other states will step up to the plate.

8. Is, there any artist in these states that you haven’t worked with but like to?

Well we are truly, blessed to have worked with alot of talented people including majors. We are just truley humble and if people wanna work with a very determined and goal orientated company all they have to do is look us up. Our resume speaks volume.

9. Is, there any shoutouts that you would like to say before we close these exclusive interview with you?

First and foremost wanna thank God for blessing me with this oppurtunity. Wanna send a special thank you to Momma Locnez for always believing in me since day one. I wanna give thanks to everybody from all the previous volume’s just because we dropped volume six we haven’t forgot any of you. We do this as a whole state movement WE ARE OHIO where we “STAY FOCUSED”. Would, like to thank all the cosponsers from volume one to now, we have grown to over 22 which is truley a blessing and it’s hard to mention all of you, but just know you’re all loved and appreciated. We here at Locnez Promotions will continue the mission of paying it forward and loving one anthor in this world full of hate which we will not let it divide us. One Nation, Under God,Indivisable, with liberty and justice for all. Locnez, I love ya’ll