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LegaCi Is Sure To Be One !

LegaCi Is Sure To Be One !

LegaCi recently released her debut EP Legendary and it is making waves in the industry. Previously, the Queen of the Shore Rap Battle; champion and winner of Rap WKYS Verses, and with numerous other accolades, LegaCi commands her audience attention with her sultry meets hard east-coast rap flow which has landed her nearly 20,000 streams in less than 2 months.

LegaCi is much more than just a pretty face, her bars tell the story of heart, struggle and triumph that are the fuel to her ambitions journey.

She has already started her followers on a journey with her melodic storytelling; with her up and coming releases the journey continues…and trust us; you don’t want to miss it!

Down Bad Feat.Tiffany Evans

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With a handful of women emcees in the game that has what it takes to go bar for bar with the current competition in the rap game. There's a void for the next big female emcee to emerge in the game and Maryland's own LegaCi is looking to fill the void. With the recent single "Down Bad" featuring Tiffany Evans, she is pushing the strong production of the track with solid wordplay, and strong presentation gives this song a very high replay value. With anything, we are always seeking something new when listening to music, this track lines up with what's currently rotating. Based on what we've heard we can see LegaCi making a name for herself in this game and possibly making a strong stamp in this industry. We would love to see an actual visual for this song and more from LegaCi. Listen to the single and tell us what you think. - James Hinton

Replay Value 8.5
Originality 8.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 9.5


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