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Kris Jeezii Feat. Koda -100 Mill

Kris Jeezii Feat. Koda -100 Mill

Kristopher Joyce better known as Kris Jeezii, Quiet but fearless. Kris grew up with a learning disability that you would never know of because he works so hard at everything he puts his mind too. His elementary school teacher once told him that he wouldn’t graduate and that his brother was way smarter than him which has stuck with him until this very day and is when the chip on his shoulder began to grow. Growing up playing basketball he would practice on his game relentlessly. Until the age of 14 when Kris came to a life threatening experience when he learned that he had a blood infection that traveled to his brain. Being within 24 hours of death, Kris had to have 2 emergency surgeries on his brain over a couple weeks span of time. Doctors told his family that Kris could possibly die, go blind, or would need to learn to walk and talk again. Beating the odds, Kris came back stronger than ever.Kris is a unique artist that has catchy flows and energetic hooks that can grasp the attention of any listener. He is a great song writer that speaks on his life and tells you about his growing pains and his every day struggles.

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