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Kid Lee – Hold Up (Woah) (Prod. Ventus Beats)

Kid Lee – Hold Up (Woah) (Prod. Ventus Beats)

My team and I have only been making music together for roughly a year now and it didn’t take long for us to figure out there is quite a learning curve when you start taking it seriously. As an artist I’m still finding my own sound and lane so to speak; I may not be a finished product but the talent among us is evident. “Hold Up” is a track that purposefully was not as heavy as some of my other work where the subject matter is very pointed and at times dark. This was more of a fun experiment with the team to give me opportunity to toy with my cadence and get us closer to figuring out who Kid Lee is going to be as an artist. Stay tuned because we are truly just getting started.

Kid Lee – “I am Kid Lee but I would be nothing without my team. Ventus, Balance and I are 3 artists from the Midwest who use music to relieve stress, express ourselves and spread our message. Growing up I saw first hand the addiction and substance abuse that ran rampant in our community; it was a common trend. The opioid epidemic has taken its toll and the team and I have all been affected by it. Naturally a lot of our music revolves around that reality. We have no interest in following trends; we are here to set the standard and make our own wave. My lyrics are usually self reflections and a direct window to what’s been on my mind or heavy on my soul. Sometimes the songs are a vibe and a good time but more often than not there is a serious undertone or message in each track. We are just finding our foothold and starting to figure things out which is why this is so exciting. We are already making strides and we still have so much to learn and our potential is truly limitless. The team has the drive and we set the expectations for ourselves high; we are here to stay.”


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