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Kid Gambi – Don’t B

Kid Gambi – Don’t B 8.1

‘Dont b’ is St. Louis native rapper Kid Gambi’s first single. This single was an intro to his first studio album ‘Playing With The Computer’ and created a lot of hype for the project. The song is filled with different sounds such as hard hitting snares and glided 808s along with tropical sounding synths that all together lead the project. Gambi has a new, fresh sound that many people haven’t heard. – Kid Gambi’s Editor

Listen And Buy From iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dont-b-single/id1117998438

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Saint Louis, MO

VMG Review


"The St. Louis Native Is Coming Hard With His Hard Hitting Single 'Don't Be', Which We Gathered As A Slightly Fresh Sound From The Typical Sounds. We Are Impressed With This As It Can Stand Tall As A Single. We Highly Advised For You To Checkout The Dopeness"

Replay Value 8.5
Originality 7.5
Reader Rating: ( 4 votes ) 8.7