Home Interviews Kent M$ney – M$ney & Life [VMG Exclusive Interview]

Kent M$ney – M$ney & Life [VMG Exclusive Interview]

Kent M$ney – M$ney & Life [VMG Exclusive Interview]

To Be Crowned Is To Be King… Norfolk, VA’s Kent M$ney Is Destined For Greatness With Industry Friends And A New EP On The Way, Kent M$ney Is Prepared To To Be The Next Big Thing. VMG’s Kevin Stephens Sat Down With Kent And Got To The Bottom About This M$ney & Life…

1. Tell us a little about “Crowned” Ep?

Crowned is a journey its growth and understanding of self I made the project knowing that everyone has plans to be successful but different paths and circumstances lead us in other directions at times but that doesn’t matter because you determine your crowning moments by what you feel.

2. Where did the name “Kent M$NEY’S” come from? Tell us a little about that?

It came from older people in my life back in the day saying something was money was always a good thing and I’ve always been money at things I do so it. Just fit I have it tatted on my forearms forever so pretty much it’s like Kent is always good Kent M$NEY the dollar sign got put in there by Chase n Cashe back when I was working on becoming that surf club wave.

3. What separates you from other rappers Coming from Norfolk, VA?

I know what I want to accomplish and I do it In a way that fits me not that they don’t I’m just saying in my case I lived a few places and got to see similarities and differences that most people who’ve never left haven’t so I see that as a blessing many talented people out there though.

4. Can we expect a “Crowned” tour soon?

That’s what I’m working on now I actually wanna extend the project re-release it and take it on the road to let this music connect with the people as well as myself let them feel the vibe I bring.

5. What inspired you to become an artist?

I’ve always loved music so it’s been a life long inspiration I used to swear I was going to the NBA but certain situations showed me how instrumental I’m supposed to be in the music world I have a voice that I must use to inspire people to go after what they want too much self doubt and my fav artists didn’t doubt anything but the attitudes of others

6. Can we expect a single off this “Crowned” EP?

Yes loyalty is actually the single as of now I wanna get a dope visual out there for that I’m all about doing things he right way or not at all people deserve the best from everyone not anything half ass.

7. How did you and “Hit-Boy & Haze Banga” link up? Are you guys personally cool?

Hit and I have known each other for years and haze and I met a while back in San Diego when I was working on joints with Ta’East one of my rapper Homies who’s dope so all of us coming together wasn’t anything shocking especially how laid back and creative our personalities are.

8. Are there any rumors or beef you would like to clear up?

Nope I don’t do beefs my simple solution is come get your issue and keep going on about your life or just simply go on about your life I’m too focused on growth to beef.

9. When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

Classic moments captured things that won’t get old and people that won’t get old it’s more than a moment in time.

10. What can we expect from “Kent M$Ney” this year? Are there any mixtape or albums you working on?

I’m working on more music and getting out on this road and dope visuals just connecting with the people and letting them see the constant growth in not just me but the Lions League Company as well just taking everything up a few notches but def more music.