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Katie LaDubz “Moves To Make” Debut Album

Katie LaDubz “Moves To Make” Debut Album

Katie Ladubz is an East Coast rapper making waves in sunny California with her debut album “Moves to Make”. Released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 14, 2021 on the independent record label, Cult Muzic Media. As a transplant from the East Coast, Katie LaDubz brings what is missing to the local San Diego hip hop music scene. A female’s perspective. But this isn’t some highly over-sexualized pop music, although Katie LaDubz’s music is irresistibly catchy, her songs are chock-full of superb lyricism and dope beats, that can go toe to toe, bar to bar, with any MC. From rock-infused hip hop to pop to lo-fi boom-bap, Katie Ladubz has a passion for emotional songwriting and wicked punch lines. “Moves to Make ” is a fantastic debut from a talented new name in Hip-Hop. Katie Ladubz brings her East Coast attitude and drive to some cool West Coast grooves on a record that is sure to hit the mark for true Hip-hop fans on all coasts.

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Social Network Links.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kladubz/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CultMuzic
Cult Muzic Media www.cultmuzic.com


San Diego, CA

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